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Katie Hopkins Helps To Rid CA of Newsom

If you missed it the first time she was here, you definitely DO NOT want to miss seeing her this time. Details coming soon.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW.

This is an afternoon/evening event, April 16th.

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A few words on process for the oral argument today. I realize for probably most everyone this will but the first time you may have viewed an appellate argument. The case is “heard” by three justices of the appellate court, here the Third District Court of Appeals. Petitioner (here the Governor represented by the Attorney General’s office) goes first. He has 15 minutes to present his arguments but he can reserve some of that time for rebuttal. The Respondent or Real Party in Interest (that is us) goes next and has 15 minutes to present its argument. Justices may ask questions of the presenters during their argument. This may come off like an interruption but it is a time honored rule to allow the justices the ability to probe and challenge the presenters arguments. When a justice speaks, you must cease arguing and allow the justice to ask the question or make the comment. Then the presenter can proceed to answer or respond to the justice. So that is what you can expect to see, arguments and some back and forth between the justices and us as presenters. Wish us the best of luck. ... See MoreSee Less
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Gavin Newsom's anti-Recall campaign just got $25,000 from a high-speed rail contractor whose award doubled to $2.2 billion. This bonfire of corruption is already ablaze.Meanwhile, the bill to expose the name and address of petition signers is up for a second vote tomorrow. It tells you everything that politicians are responding to the Recall by trying to make recalls harder rather than by trying to govern the state better. ... See MoreSee Less
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Orientation today for our oral argument in Gallagher & Kiley v. Newsom. Our case will be the first one heard on Tuesday morning April 20 at 9:30 am. To me this is a critical crossroads in our democracy. That is why I have fought so hard. This case is so important to establishing firm limits on executive power. It cannot be that in an emergency we become a dictatorship where one man both makes and enforces the law. This is an epic battle for our republic. We must remain a government of the people with separate powers and an elected Legislature that retains its lawmaking powers. If the court does not step in a very dangerous precedent will have been set. Any future Governor will have the power to change election procedures overnight by declaring an emergency. Remember that this Governor circumvented the Legislature and changed the law to shorten the number of days you could vote and allowed the elimination of polling places. Is that really the kind of government we want? I pray not. ... See MoreSee Less
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